Shaping our Future through leadership
Jeff Bicher
Jeff Bicher

Focus on change and leaders of change

“The opportunity that ChangeLeaders  has afforded to the leaders is in itself a change; it is a new way of doing things," says Jeff Bicher one of the participants in the JCF Leadership Institute program.

The freshman group consisted of quality communal service professionals and talented community volunteers. The experience was both formative and exciting, be it with the venerable Jeffrey Gandz who shared how to navigate change, the pros from The Actors Institute who focused on the way we present ourselves, or the individual coaching sessions led by Meritas.

Many participants report that they are using much of the skills shared by the professionals as well as the suggestions made by ChangeLeaders colleagues in their professional lives.

“By creating a new model of leadership development,
specific to leaders who see a need for change,
the JCF has really been investing in our collective future
and our community will be all the better for it.”
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