Forging cultural connections

Connecting through culture

The cultural landscape is broadening a year after Shaping our Future's cultural grants program awarded its 1st grants. Of the eleven 2010 grants (totaling $228,300), 9 have been completed successfully.
Among them:
  • The Medium is the Matzo, a gallery exhibition held at Concordia University, demonstrated how the story of the Exodus could be depicted to learn about oppression today in a unique and engaging manner.
  • Nights at the Ghetto Shul was highly successful in connecting participants to their Jewish roots while the inaugural Jewish Music Festival organized by Klez Canada attracted more than 3,000 people to its 5 day event.

  • The Shtetl Project consisted of three components – radio, a website and live events to showcase Jewish arts, culture and topics of interest such as “A Woman’s Voice” that explored the controversy of women singing in Orthodox establishments.

  • Interactive Museum of Jewish Montreal: an on-line, self-guided outdoor museum of historic Jewish Montreal designed to make Montreal’s Jewish Heritage accessible online and outdoors via web and mobile applications, completed Phase I with the launching of its website.
This year’s new projects include Le Mood, Mile End Chavurah’s Salon Series of lectures and panel discussions on current issues and topics, La Gallerie du Centre, a university project to attract young artists and “Hitler & La Fillette”, a book written by a high school girl about the holocaust .

A total of $161,000 has been allocated for 9 projects and an additional $36,000 has been set aside for emerging programs.

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