Focus on Tzedakah and service
Alyssa Wiseman, Joey Berdugo Adler
Alyssa Wiseman, Joey Berdugo Adler
Kids who care
Kids who care

Joey Berdugo and BT kids
celebrate their passion for action

There was plenty of passion to go around as B'nai Tzedek kids and other Montreal teens participated in the 2011 Day of Service.

In his welcome, JCF president and founding B’nai Tzedek chair, Barry Pascal, remarked that when the program was launched 7 years ago, most of the founding members were pre-teens and younger, like BT co-chairs Adam Shapiro and Alyssa Wiseman.

“To see how they’ve grown
and risen to community leadership
in a program that means so much to them
and to the future of our community.”

He also thanked BT parents-for setting the standard for giving Jewishly.  He recognized the 3 parents who serve on the BT executive. All have been totally involved and committed to the program.

The day began with brunch and a presentation from Joey Berdugo Adler. The Diesel Canada CEO and Founder of the ONEXEONE children’s charity instantly engaged and infused everyone with her passion for giving and community.

The afternoon was spent volunteering at either MADA Community Centre or packing over 100 back packs with “bunk junk” for Agence Ometz clients whose children are preparing to go to camp this summer.

For BT co-chair Alyssa Wiseman, it's just what BT kids do. They give of themselves. They care.

" What do they care about? You would be surprised!
Eldercare….Hope and Cope….Sun Youth…World Wildlife Fund (to save frogs!!)... Camp B’nai Brith… CJA… Herzliah...It’s so amazing  to see how much we know about our world and how we might fix it."

At the end of the day, BT kids were even more motivated to build on the life of giving that they had begun. They will soon have another opportunity when they receive their fund statements and make their annual Tzedakah allocations.

The Day of Service was generously sponsored by Francine and Robbie Wiseman and Kathy Cohen and Gerald Wiseman (on behalf of the Arthur Pascal Family Helping Families Foundation).

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