BT Kids in action

Joey Berdugo ignites passion for action
on BT kids Day of Service

On Sunday, May 1 2011, B'nai Tzedek  kids and other Montreal teens will join J-Serve teen network 's National Day of Service by  participating in an afternoon of hands-on  community service with Montreal Jewish community leaders.

"This event  is a perfect introduction to how we can, in practice, contribute to both the Jewish and broader Montreal community," says BT co-chair Adam Shapiro. Co-chair Alyssa Wiseman agrees:

"This afternoon will give us the opportunity to discover first hand
the impact volunteering can truly make."

Council: Alyssa Wiseman, Lauren Wiseman,
Adam Shapiro,
Talia Ben soussan, Polly Mendel

The day will begin with brunch and a presentation from Joey Berdugo Adler -CEO,  Diesel Canada and Founder, ONEXEONE, Joey believes that living a life of passion is our highest calling.

In 2003, Joey's friend, husband and long-time business partner, Louis Adler, succumbed to cancer. A committed philanthropist, Lou had touched the lives of countless people; while many would not have recovere
d from such a devastating loss, Joey chose to honour her husband's life by beginning a new chapter on her own.

In 2004, Joey began the Lou Adler Foundation, initially created to raise funds for cancer-related charities. However, propelled by her trademark courage and determination, Joey was able to take the project to new heights, creating ONEXONE in 2005.

ONEXONE is a non-profit foundation committed to making a difference in children's lives in Canada, the United States and around the world. Its mission is to alleviate child suffering through programs intended to improve t
heir lives by focusing on water, health, education and self–esteem. Since ONEXONE's inception, the foundation has grossed close to $10 million in support of children around the world living in need.

What began as a way to honour her husband and heal from personal loss, has blossomed into a newfound passion and life mission.

'Not a single
life, anywhere in the world, is expendable.
By combining passion with action, we can inspire others
to commit to improving the world, one person at a time.'

Inspired by Joey’s passion BT kids will then visit several community agencies of their choice to lend a hand at Jewish Eldercare Centre, Ometz and MADA community centre.

If you would like to be part of this event and/or sponsor any promotional items (T-shirts or baseball caps), please contact Alyssa Wiseman or Adam Shapiro, BT co-chairs.                        
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