2011 Annual Meeting
Barry Pascal, Joel Segal
Barry Pascal, Joel Segal
Boris Levine z"l
Boris Levine z"l
David Azrieli, Joel Segal
David Azrieli, Joel Segal

Spotlight on dreams and dreamers

The Foundation’s 2011 Annual Meeting celebrated the dreams of its founders, its honouree and forty years of leadership and growth that continue to enrich our community and represent the vision and values of its donors.

In his address, outgoing president Barry Pascal paid tribute to the late Arthur Pascal C.M, whose dreams led him to become the Foundation’s founding president, inspiring other community icons like Mildred Lande C.M, z”l and Boris Levine C.M, FCA, z”l.

“The work we do at the Foundation is truly,
as they say,‘the stuff dreams are made of’.”

At the annual Memorial for the Unforgotten, Paul Levine spoke of his father, Boris. “My Dad truly loved this community within which he served in so many leadership capacities.”

"Our family believes that his most important leadership role was that of patriarch of our family.
We were brought up with strong traditional values, which we have passed on to our own families. “

David Azrieli C.M., CQ, 2011 Man of the Year. was recognized for his philanthropic accomplishments here and in Israel. In his remarks he announced the creation of a new $1.8 million endowment fund to benefit the Miriam Foundation.

“David you have enriched Jewish lives and transformed the landscape of Israel," said new JCF president, Joel Segal. It is an honour to honour you.”

The meeting marked the installation of the new JCF Board including Joel Segal, President; Brenda Gewurz, Vice-President and new members Kathy Lempert, Philip Nadler CA, Gideon Pollack & Francine Wiseman.

Alyssa Wiseman and Adam Shapiro, B’nai Tzedek Council co-chairs, received the Passion for Action Award for their outstanding leadership.

Joel Segal honoured Barry Pascal for his contributions as president.

“Barry, you brought so much to this Foundation:
strong leadership, grace, innovation and a positive attitude,
no matter what the challenge.”

As president, Joel promised to build on the trust the Foundation has earned. He cited the work currently being undertaken to attain the ethical, moral and business standards set out by Imagine Canada.

Other meeting highlights
  • Total assets of the Foundation grew from $ 253 to $ 285 million.
  • $15 million in new funds was received 
  • $27 million in allocations were made to benefit the community
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2011 Annual Report

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